The 'MARK'                        "We Are One", Brian Doerksen with permission.
In his book 'The Mark of the Christian', Francis Schaeffer says, "Christians have not always presented a pretty picture to the world.  Too often they have failed to show the beauty of love, the beauty of Christ, the holiness of God.  And the world has turned away  Is there then no way to make the world look again-this time at true Christianity?"

What is the
'MARK' of a Christian?

'A new command I give you:  LOVE ONE ANOTHER.  As I have loved you, so you must love one another.  By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.' John 13:34-35

To love others was not a new commandment, but to love others as much as Christ loved others was revolutionary.  Now we are to love others based on Jesus
' sacrificial love for us.  Such 'agape' love will not only bring unbelievers to Christ; it will also keep believers strong and united in a world hostile to God.  Jesus was a living example of God's love, as we are to be living examples of Jesus' unconditional love.
Jesus contextualized His message in such a way that the recipient of His blessings was in tune with the messenger, and ultimately, the message itself.  Unity with love for one another, according to Jesus, is the one thing that proves discipleship to the world.  Unity is the one thing that authenticates Christ
's divinity and over-comes the world's unbelief.

As we reflect God's love balanced by a personal commitment to share the good news of Christ
's sacrificial life, death and resurrection, His agape love will 'bridge' the gap.

It will take prayer, creativity, perseverance, pure motives, intelligent strategy and most importantly a super-natural love for God and Creation, in order to build Bridges of LOVE to our communities. 

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