Bridges of Love Ministry is a God-ordained ministry.  As we follow Him on this journey one day at a time, trusting our heavenly Father for the outcome, we believe all things are possible (Phil. 4:13) as we put our trust and obedience in God's agenda. 

Building a bridge of love to our community can take many forms.  As with any bridge design the architecture can be quite varied.  For the past four years, the bridge to connect with our communities for this ministry, has been focused on Emergency/Pandemic Preparedness.  This is only one bridge, however, which can be used as a vehicle to build love and trust with those in your community.

The opportunity this initiative affords is to not only be integrated into the emergency management structure to assist our local emergency/health Governmental Agencies but also to provide care for our communities through any disaster.  The vision to see churches working with unity of purpose, will only enhance the mandate of the church, as we spread God's Love.  As we keep our focus on the 'out-reach' opportunity, the Faith Emergency Preparedness Initiative will be sustained, for the days ahead. 

There have been many who have been an integral piece as we share together on this adventure.  I wish to thank the Lord for giving this opportunity to serve Him through building Bridges of Love.  Also, to Pastor Robert Lewis ('The Church of Irresistable Influence') providing insight to fulfill the role which God has given each of us as followers of Christ.  Warmest appreciation to Dr. Tim Foggin, a dear friend who prayerfully brought the Pandemic opportunity to our ministry.  To Pastor Chip Ingram who gave the vision and courage to follow Nehemiah's plan through his book, 'Holy Ambition' and to Dr. Gillian Arsenault who provided valuable pandemic information during the Influenza A H1N1 out-break.

Thank you to Bridges of Love Ministry Board for giving of its time and continued support to never give up!  I am also very grateful to the Faith Emergency Preparedness Initiative Advisory Council who have given tangible proof that we can indeed work across the various sectors/communities, through Government and Church Denominations, providing a greater impact.  Thank you.  

May God receive the Glory as His Kingdom is expanded through building Bridges of Love Ministry.

Christian Love,
Marg Pollon                                                                       
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Founder/Executive Director
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