Pandemic or Emergency Preparedness is a vehicle providing an open door to reach our communities for Christ.   Bridging the chasm between people demands a tangible reality.  A spiritual bridge always involves a physical reality.  People need to see the love of Christ in ACTION to believe.

The church has been given the double mandate of both loving God and loving our neighbour.  (
Matthew 22:37-40)  Dr. Robert Lewis states in The Church of Irresistible Influence,  "Often, for the community, the church has become practically invisible in this regard. Turning the face of the church outward, giving its resources away, blessing the community, unleashing the gifts of laypeople to serve-this is what our living God desires for his church in complementing and balancing its effort of proclaiming the Good News.  God is actively involved-blessing, empowering, supernaturally advancing even our best efforts beyond our highest dreams.  God wants us to succeed more than we ever imagined!"

Building Bridges of Love into our communities through the Faith Emergency Preparedness Initiative is a very viable means to reach those who do not know Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour.  This is the church of the New Testament:  a church that loves its enemies rather than mocking them (Romans 12:17-21); a church that gives more than it receives (Acts 20:35); a church that moves courageously "out" rather than retreating comfortably "in" and in that process proves its authenticity. (Matt. 5:16)

My prayer is that 'Bridges of Love' will stir our hearts to action to walk in the steps of the Master.  Let us reach out with 'loving hands and hearts' to those who need a touch from our Saviour.  Let us each take up the cross, denying our own ease, comfort, luxury, or elegance of living.  It is the personal element that Christian discipleship needs to emphasize.  'The gift without the giver is bare.'  There is not a different path to-day from that of Jesus' own times.  It is the same path.  There is nothing that will bring greater excitement or fulfillment than making our life count in a meaningful way.

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