"Minimizing the Impact on Society"
Are there pieces of this puzzle that we haven't figured out?
Brad Andres,
Alberta Municipal Affairs

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"If this initiative can succeed in Alberta it may serve as a functional template that can be replicated in other regions of the country.
Ultimately this initiative speaks to, what is for me, one of the more profound axioms
in the Emergency Management field … "
Jan Donais Senior Emergency Management Officer Alberta (EMNS) Public Safety Canada

"The Government cannot do this
without the Faith Communities help"
Dr. Raj Sherman
Parliamentary Assistant to the
Minister of Health and Wellness

                       An Emergency Management Framework for Canada
Emergency management roles and activities are carried out in a responsible manner at all levels of society in Canada. Legal and policy frameworks and other arrangements establish guidelines and standards to ensure that due diligence is exercised and accountability is respected in the conduct of emergency management activities. Emergency Management responsibilities in Canada are shared by FPT governments and their partners, including individual citizens who have a responsibility to be prepared for disasters. Provincial and territorial governments have responsibility for emergency management within their respective jurisdictions. The federal government exercises leadership at the national level relating to emergency management responsibilities in its exclusive fields of jurisdictions and on lands and properties under federal responsibility.
                                                                     Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Canada
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