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by Heather Green

It is that time of the year, a lot is going on. There are Christmas decorations to put up, Christmas trees to decorated and special meals to prepare.

It is so easy to forget safety during the holiday season.

If you purchased a lighted Chrismas tree this year, you may not have noticed that Home Depot issued a recall of some artifical lighted Christmas trees due to faulty electrical components that could be a fire risk. If you have purchased an artifical lighted Christmas tree between October and the end of November, 2023, please check with Home Depot to ensure yours is not one of the recalled trees!

Please also check all Christmas lights, cords that may have become frayed, as well ensure extensions cords and plugs are in good condition.

Keep flames and candles a safe distance from trees and decoration.

Please also take special care in the kitchen. Too many fires result from unattended cooking. They are the number one cause of fires in the kitchen, as reported by Carol Henke, Public Relations Officer for the Calgary Fire Department.

Keeping the holidays merry. We do not want to see a red truck with lights flashing infront of your home or business. it sure puts a damper on the Christmas spirit!!

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