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What is “CROSSWALK?”
“Crosswalk” is a FEPI resource to connect the local church with the community in which it is found. ‘CROSSWALK’ is a portal on Bridges of Love’s website, providing an opportunity for people who have a need, to be assisted by a church in their community. It is done through our secure website, a safe, non-threatening portal, for those going through a difficult time. FEPI churches who participate in ‘CROSSWALK’ will see the need posted. If assistance is identified, contact is made with Bridges of Love, for additional information.

Does a FEPI Church need to participate in “CROSSWALK” as well? No, participating as a FEPI Church during disasters is a stand-a-lone initiative.


Request help from Crosswalk

If you would like to submit a request to Crosswalk, please fill out this form.

Crosswalk Church Access

For churches registered with FEPI or Crosswalk. Account sign-in required; please contact Bridges of Love if your account can't access.

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