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Helping Our Communities

Bridges of Love operates a number of initiatives to support our communities when they need it most. If you need support, or if you'd like to offer help, please browse through our initiatives below.

Alberta Recovers

Alberta Recovers aids those affected by emergencies or disasters by providing community support for recovery and healing, providing everything from household goods to volunteers to financial aid.


If you were affected by a disaster, consider submitting a request through Alberta Recovers. If you'd like to help out, browse our request index and see what you can help with. It's easier than you'd think!

FEPI & Crosswalk

The Faith Emergency Preparedness Initiative (FEPI) is a network of churches dedicated to emergency preparedness and recovery. By employing their vast resources, expertise, and generosity, we have created a system for responding to emergencies and disasters when they happen, and supporting communities when they need it most. Crosswalk is a framework for connecting community members with churches, including FEPI members, to request aid.

CERT Program

Bridges of Love manages training, logistics, and operations for Community Emergency Response Teams (CERTs). CERT-trained community members are prepared to be mustered by the community in times of need, able to be the first responders on the scene and get things under control while preparing for the arrival of emergency services. CERT members are largely everyday people, trained in how to handle various emergency and disaster situations.

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