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Partner Benefits

  1. A voting member

  2. Receive monthly Newsletter and Updates

  3. A part of God’s plan      Matthew 22: 36-40

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Partner Benefits

  1. Part of the FEPI community, ready to respond when disaster strikes.

  2. Monthly Newsletter and Updates

  3. Shows the love of Christ through this initiative.

  4. Gives an opportunity to serve through "Crosswalk."


Partner Benefits

  1. Ready to respond to your family and communities need when disaster strikes.

  2. Receive monthly Newsletter and Updates

  3. Part of a CERT team in your community

  4. Have access to CERT training information on-line.


Partner Benefits

  1. Collaborate with like-minded people.

  2. Monthly Newsletter and Updates.

  3. Join discussions about FEPI & CERT.

  4. Cheerleads programs across province.

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