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Bridges of Love is seeking to connect those affected by emergencies or disasters with the support they need. If you could benefit from community support, please consider filling out this form. We'll try to match you with volunteers and donors who can provide that support.

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Contact Information

Information provided in this section will not be publicly available. It will be provided by Bridges of Love staff to those who commit to fulfilling your request.

Your location information is used to match you to available resources, and to facilitate the fulfillment of your request.

Please enter your current information/contact info here — if your need is located at a different address, you can provide that location later.

Note: Your city/locality will be included in your public listing (but your address and other contact info won't be).

Please provide us with a short bio of the circumstances behind why you are making this request (for example: lost home in a wildfire, need financial support for medical fees, etc.). This will be used to match you with support and to help us help you. You only need to provide details you're comfortable sharing.

Request Information

Information you provide in this section will be available in your request's public listing. Donors and volunteers will use it to determine whether they can fulfill your needs. Please do not include in your responses any information you're not comfortable sharing publicly, such as your name or overly specific details of your circumstances.

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Location of need

This address will not be listed publicly, and will only be provided to those who agree to help.

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We'll try our best to connect you with help.

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