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Alberta Recovers

The devastation inflicted on Northern Alberta Communities by the recent wildfires, caused Bridges of Love to create a system to connect resources (donations) with wildfire victims.  Donation management if not handled properly, can cause mounds of donated items, that may or may not be utilized at the time.   

Alberta Recovers, evolved from the disaster recovery model pioneered by which was used extensively during the 2013 Alberta Floods. Alberta Recovers connects donors/volunteers on-line with wildfire victims who post a need.  Bridges of Love identifies the match and invites FEPI churches to help with deliveries, or wherever they can assist, allowing communities to be rebuilt "at the speed of trust".

The initial focus for Alberta Recovers is to address the disaster we are presently experiencing - the Alberta wildfires. Our longer term goal, however, is to expand this platform is to serve community needs, from personal emergencies (Crosswalk) to any disaster our province might incur.

AR Brochure
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Need help?

If you have been affected by an emergency or disaster and need support, we'll do what we can to help you.

Want to help out?

We are looking for people who can donate money or goods, as well as those who can volunteer their time. Take a look at our requests to see if you can help out.


If you're affiliated with a church, consider asking them to sign up for the Faith Emergency Preparedness Initiative!

Additional Information

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