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At approximately 1:00 pm a very severe earthquake shook western Japan. While it is common for this occurance in Japan, this earthquake was extreme, 7.6 on the Richter scale. Damage was severe and there was also the risk of a tsunamis (tidal wave).

The chance of a severe earthquake in Southern Alberta is low compared with the west coast of BC, but it can happen! Back in October, 1990 an earthquake occurred in Idaho, USA. I was living in Calgary at the time and was awakened by my bed moving and some cases falling. I was about to get out of bed when it stopped as quickly as it started! The effects of an earthquake can be far-reaching. Earthquakes do not usually give us any warning such as noise or announcement on the radio that it is about to occur, such as in extreme weather events. That is why people are trapped or killed so some preparedness can help lesson the affects of these dangerous occurrances. This could include making sure your residence has been built to code to ensure it can withstand an earthquake of the severity that we could experience in Alberta. Also, there are insurance policies that can be in place for such an occurance. Decide where the best place to go for protection would be so that decision can be made quickly and without hesitation.

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